Without hesitation or exception, GeoTek's experiences and professional working relationship with Bernie Truax and John Leway have consistently been very professional, ethical, and a complete pleasure from our perspective. Truax Development's experienced team of land developers and professionals have not only provided clear and concise guidance to GeoTek as their consultant, but have also assisted us when seeking their professional guidance and opinion on other projects in the southern Riverside County area.

Ed H. LaMont, http://www.geotekusa.com/

It has been my pleasure to work with Bernie and Truax Development for over 10 years. Bernie is a stand up guy and a man of his word. His staff is exceptional and the level of detail and service is unparalleled in the industry. I would highly recommend Truax Development to any investor looking to work with a first class company.

Matt Reno, http://renocon.com/

It has been a pleasure to work with Bernie and the team he has assembled for the Truax Building. Bernie knows how to build and motivate a team to perform at the highest level. His integrity and dedication is rock solid.

Chuck Hope, http://hope-amundson.com/

I have known Bernie Truax for over six years and found one of his most impressive qualities as a Real Estate Developer is his ability to work through the stifling governmental bureaucracy maze to get a development project approved. Bernie has shown to me what success taste like and it is delicious, thank you Bernie.

Hector Correa,