Tourism Impact Report

Temecula Demographics


The Temecula Valley Region is Southern California’s playground.  We are home to more than 40 award-winning wineries, almost a dozen craft breweries, over 20 golf courses, 3 world-class casinos, equestrian, specialized distilleries, hot air balloon rides, starlit nights and a myriad of friendly faces.  We host and entertain visitors from all over Southern California as well as from across the globe.

At the heart of the Region lies Old Town, where Temecula’s rich and vibrant history began. Old Town is a community rooted in ranching, agriculture and commerce and has grown into a destination that hosts innovation, technology, visitors and excitement.

Sharing a long-term vision with the City of Temecula, Truax Development is defining the future of the region; one project at a time. Truax Development constructs more than buildings; we build communities – places to live, work and play.  Our projects have positioned Old Town Temecula to be a renewed and revitalized “downtown” and others are following




Recognizing the financial opportunity in Old Town Temecula, Truax Development began their investment with the Truax Building. Crafted with modern technology and old-world traditions, The Truax Building now serves as a landmark of quality and architectural beauty.  This Class “A,” state-of-the-art, landmark is unique.  From the exterior finishes to the custom carpet and textiles on the interior, The Truax Building has impeccable finishes and the craftsmanship is visible in each-and-every detail.

As industry, technology and professional service firms continue to relocate to Temecula, Class A office space is in demand. The Truax Annex Building will mirror The Truax Building and will feature Class A office space as well as retail offerings.





Temecula - The Regional Economic Powerhouse

  • Population: 113,054
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.1%
  • Number of Jobs: 54,231
  • Median Household Income: $83,840
  • Average Home Price: $410,100



Temecula Tourism

Annual Tourists: 3 Million+

Annual Impact: $700 Million+

Individual Spending Per Trip: $420

Length of Stay: 2.4 Nights

Tourism Related jobs: 8,000+