It has been a true pleasure working with Truax Development and Bernie in particular; we have found him to be a man of his word, a rare occurrence in today’s world – if he tells you it’ll get done, you can take it to the bank – you don’t need a 20 page legal document to make sure he does it.

Buck Johns, President, http://iivg8.com

We have been working with Bernie and his staff for the past five years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Bernie is truly a visionary, and his ability to motivate his employees and consulting team are second to none. He really understands development, and his optimistic outlook is contagious. Furthermore, Bernie always gives you the straight scoop, so you're not left with the feeling that you are being sold a bill of goods. This level of communication is unfortunately not always the case in the development world.

David Taussig, http://www.tausigpi.com

I have known Bernie Truax for many years on both a personal and business level. His friendship is something I truly value and I appreciate him selecting NOVA to be a part of his development team. He is a man of his word who does not take shortcuts in the development of a project. He sets a standard for his development team and employees to work within and expects the same of himself. I would recommend Bernie and his team to anyone looking to build a first class project. The trait I admire most in Bernie Truax is that if you are his friend he will always be there for you no matter what, that you can take to the bank. There aren’t too many Bernie’s left in this world.

Dan Barnett, President, http://www.usa-nova.com/

We have worked with Truax Development on a number of projects over the years. Bernie Truax is straight shooter. Up front about what he believes, he lives by what he says. Bernie Truax is a great leader. He inspires people to succeed. So often, I've seen his creative “out of the box” problem solving succeed with issues where others had failed. Bernie's vision of Old Town as a Downtown is very similar to ours and we are working hard together to realize that common dream. The Truax Building, currently under construction in Old Town, is another step in that direction.

Walt Allen,