Period Correct Architecture -Revitalizing Old Town Temecula

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Revitalizing Old Town through period-correct architecture

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Founded in 1859, Old Town Temecula is the heart of the Temecula Valley. This historic destination comprises approximately sixty-five acres and includes commercial, retail, residential, restaurants and local tourist attractions. Old Town originated as a ranch town and started with a bank, hotel & saloon for ranch hands and a few other buildings that served the business of the ranches. However, Old Town as a downtown never happened. Rather a suburban landscape developed around Old Town and left the original city core overlooked and undeveloped. In the days of past, architecture was a work of art... you could tell the author of the building by its curves, lines and form. Then at the dawn of the industrial revolution somehow sense of beauty was lost. We traded our signature and mark for basic shade and shelter. It became about the money and rent instead of standing as a testament to man’s superiority over the materials he was given to work with.

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In recent years, groups came from outside and saw an opportunity for development. Their vision was to create a “theme park” type destination out of Historic Old Town Temecula. Once again, Old Town was being overlooked and its rich history ignored. Despite this new vision, Old Town held onto seven historic buildings, with the oldest built in 1882 (the Welty Hotel / Temecula Hotel). For years, Old Town with its dual identities, continued to thrive as a tourist destination due-in-part to the 2.9 million annual visitors who come to Temecula as of 2015 and spent nearly $700 million.

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Today there are many people who see the great potential that lies in Old Town, Temecula. A new vision that shall revitalize and transform Old Town into a vibrant city center, while retaining its quaint history and charm. Working in-conjunction with the City of Temecula and Old Town stakeholders, Truax Development has created the term, “period-correct” architecture and development. Period-Correct is a concept of paying homage to historical roots and the cultures of an area. There is a great deal of historical research that is necessary to create period-correct architecture. The information gathered allow the elements and styles to be incorporated into the projects. When a period-correct project is completed, it is as if they had been developed right along with the rest of the area.

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This is significant especially for Old Town, Temecula as it was originally overlooked and strayed from the architecturally elements and styles that would have been used if developed in the 1800’s. It is our mission, vision and passion to develop our projects in Old Town to look, feel, and be built true to their intended time and place.

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The Truax Building is one of the first examples of period-correct architecture, which is located on Second and Mercedes in Old Town. The Truax Building is located in the farthest location from Old Town’s epicenter. By the time that the town would have developed the parcel that it rests on, it would have been one of the last sites to have been developed. Our research indicated that the Truax Building site would have been developed around the 1920’s. This influenced its design, form, lines, and the building materials that were incorporated to reflect that era. It was erected with dramatic stone and lobby features and now stands as strong testament to the beauty of architecture of the past.

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The next project is the Truax Hotel. It will span the length of 3rd street, between Front street and Mercedes street. This location, if it had been developed when it should have, would have taken decades to "fill in" in several unique stages. Once completed, the will have taken influences from three distinct eras from the late 1800s, to early turn of the 19th century. Therefore, The Truax Hotel derives its design from three distinct architectural periods. Old Western Mercantile, Spanish and Mission Revival. However, Truax Development will build the hotel all at once - not decades. The 151-room, four-star hotel will remain true to the rich architectural legacy including frontage types, architectural styles including the building materials and color schemes. It will visually appear to have been built over the years as it grew and expanded to accommodate the growth of the vibrant downtown.

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The Truax Hotel will break ground first quarter of 2017 and is the next project for Truax Development.

Period-correct architecture remains a guiding principle for our vision, which is incorporated in all of our projects. If you would like to learn more how architecture and planning has played a role in the design of the Truax Hotel, or if you are looking for leasing opportunities in the Truax Hotel, please call Truax Management Group at (951) 294-5870.

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