Parking in Old Town Temecula

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Parking Garage

Parking Garage Located on the North Side of Third Street

Is Parking in Old Town a Growing Issue?

At Truax, we live, work and play here in Old Town too. Parking has been part of the conversation of Old Town for a long time.  Did you know the City of Temecula completed a parking study? According to the Old Town Temecula Parking Managment Plan, a report commissioned by the the City of Temecula stated, "since there is adequate parking currently in Old Town, there is little need to revise the parking standards at this time." In summary, the report suggested that parking is an education and not an availability issue. What do you think?  We’d love to hear it! Please comment below.

Just so you know, The Truax Hotel has thought of everything - including parking! A multi-story, valet parking garage is part of the overall project and is designed to accommodate our Hotel guests, employees and visitors.

Be the FIRST to KNOW about this project and other exciting Truax Projects View the Full City Report Below!

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