Bernard L. Truax II Nominated Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year

Bernard L. Truax II was nominated for the 2015 Citizen of the Year by the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce. When asked his Mission / Passion Mr. Truax II commented

"I am passionate about developing the arts, providing cultural opportunities, sponsoring leadership training opportunities, community visioning, and mentoring youth and adults with addiction challenges. I had a vision more than 15 years ago that Old Town, Temecula would become a vibrant city with shopping, dining, lodging, entertainment, and cultural opportunities that create a unique, exciting, and memorable experience seldom found in other areas. It is my vision to create an atmosphere where people are able to live, work and play in one area. This has fueled my dedication to construct buildings that will stand the test of time; create a long term sense of community; and be a legacy creator for my family, my community and my faith. When I grew up in Pennsylvania, there was no need for “shop local” initiatives, you knew the owner of the supermarket, and the multi-family residences were owned by someone who actually lived locally – not by an international corporation which is common today. Back then it was possible to have community pride. I experienced what it was like before national chains destroyed the mom-and-pop shops. Now we are experiencing international markets threating those same national chains. Part of my vision is to return to a self-sufficiency, effectively a community based on local values. My passion is to help shape a community that returns to the security of a community where businesses and customers are local; yet, our community still remains competitive nationally and internationally with our entertainment venues, our wine country and our vacation and resort destinations. I want to see our local community prosper and allow people to fulfill their basic need to be self-sufficient and economically secure. I also dream that our city will provide the quality of life for family’s to stay together, where a son or daughter does not have to leave to attend college if they want to stay home, or a parent needing to travel 60 miles+ daily for work. While the economy of Temecula is strong, we will grow stronger. I hope to leave a healthier and more prosperous economy to my children and future generations."

Bernie & AJ Truax with Buddy their dog

Bernie & AJ Truax with Buddy their dog

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