Truax Community Support

Working Together to Create healthy & Vibrant Communities 

The Truax Family of Companies focuses its philanthropic efforts in three distinct areas. We believe in supporting the arts. We believe in supporting Old Town Community Events. And we also support youth recovery programs.  We strive to create an enviroment where families are about to live, work, play and thrive. 

It is our vision to help develop the arts, provide cultural opportunities, sponsor leadership training opportunities, foster community visioning, and mentor youth and adults with addiction challenges. It is our vision to create an atmosphere where people are able to live, work and play in one area. This has fueled our dedication to construct buildings that will stand the test of time; create a long term sense of community; and be a legacy creator for our families and communities.

Supporting the communities in these facets will assist our community return to local businesses and customers. It will aid our community to remain competitive nationally and internationally with our entertainment venues, our wine country and our vacation and resort destinations. We want to see our local community prosper and allow people to fulfill their basic needs to be self-sufficient and economically secure. We also dream that our city will provide the quality of life for family’s to stay together, where a son or daughter does not have to leave to attend college if they would rather be educated locally, or a parent able to avoid commuting 60 miles+ daily for work. Preserving the family unit is paramount.  While the economy of Temecula is strong, we will grow stronger. We hope to leave a healthier and more prosperous economy for our children and future generations.

  • Art off the Walls
  • Art off the Walls
  • Art off the Walls
  • 1st Annual Theater Foundation Gala
  • 1st Annual Theater Foundation Arts Gala - Michael Isreal
  • 1st Annual Theater Foundation Gala
  • 1st Annual NFL Celeb Golf Classic
  • Art off the Walls
  • Michael Israel Welcome Gala
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Supporting the Arts
Youth Recovery Programs
Old Town Community Events

We are passionate about developing the arts, as well as the artists. We desire to see a community that fully supports and understand the importance the arts provide. We encourage you to visit the First Friday Art Show hosted on the ground floor of the Truax Building. If you have an event that is designed to further the arts please fill out the application.

We are committed to supporting the communities youth and partnering with organizations that provide opportunities for youth to excel and transition successfully into adulthood and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Temecula is our home and Old Town Temecula is the location of our corporate headquarters and we will be investing our time, energy and resources into its "period-correct" restoration. We partner with organizations that support creating a vibrant downtown in Old Town, Temecula.