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Legacy is about people, and it is the people  that make the Truax story special and  memorable. The Truax Family of Companies builds community. Through artisanship and  craftsmanship, projects are developed that are an example of what hard work, integrity  and commitment to  quality can achieve. 

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Four-Star Luxury Hotel

·        201,000 Sq. Ft.

·        Five Stories

·        Retail & Dining

·        Banquet & Conference Facilities

·        Luxury Spa Services & Health Club

Construction begins late 2017

The Truax Hotel, located in Old Town Temecula, is part of the Truax Legacy. Built with the latest technologies this "Turn of the 19th  Century Design” acknowledges the area’s historic Western past while embracing the innovation of today. This four-star luxury hotel, will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology spanning five floors and includes banquet facilities, conference accommodations, health club, and luxury spa services along with boutique shops and five dining options. The project features architectural elements such as paseo walkways, a grand staircase, water features, a roof-top pool and inviting outdoor spaces. 

Accommodations in the hotel include 151 sleeping rooms divided into, 108 standard rooms, 21 deluxe rooms, 16 premium rooms, 3 luxury rooms, and 3 penthouses for a total area of 69,516 square feet of accommodations. The Property plans also include multiple meeting rooms, banquet facilities and other hotel amenities commonly found in a four-star, luxury boutique hotel.  Accompanying the hotel is a 200+ stall, valet parking garage that will be located on the north side of Third street located between the Swing Inn and Above and Beyond Beauty. 

The Truax Family of Companies supports  local economic growth and sustainability by  developing business opportunities through  targeted global, regional and local funding sources. Investment opportunities are now available. Construction is scheduled  to begin in Late 2017.

Truax Hotel Front and 3rd Street View
Truax Hotel Lobby Rendering

Truax projects are constructed with the highest level of American ingenuity and  craftsmanship in the Truax tradition of building communities where people are able  to live, work and play.

The Truax Family of Companies are committed to excellence,  integrity, quality and generosity. Please contact us for ways to do business or invest with  Truax, Please visit:

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The Truax Legacy… The Truax Hotel. 


41923 Second Street, Suite401,
Temecula, CA92590

Phone (951) 693-2008

14 Responses

  1. Amazing can't wait
  2. Looking forward to see it! Great idea and big opportunity! Congratulations in advance!
  3. Would like to build swimming pool
    • admin
      We are currently in the process of selecting a General Contractor. Once we make that selection, we would be happy to send your name to that General Contractor. Thank you for you again for your interest!
    • admin
      Webber Pool Co, I would also like to bring to your attention that we have established a preferred vendor consideration form that we will be using to collect information to pass on to the General Contractor once selected. I would encourage you to fill it out here:
  4. JLE
    Beautiful design. Who is the architect?
    • admin
      Thank you so much! Our design team is headed up by Walt Allen & Associates; the designs you see were completed by several firms.
  5. Beautiful Designs - World Class. Having been born and raised in Temecula, I have seen many changes to the town (now city). I must say, that this will be a truly welcomed addition. Based on the readings and renderings above, I know that you will complete the task with the highest standards, and bring a new level of luxury accommodation to the area - something that is desperately needed. We here at BlueStar would love to help you from the ground up with valet design and operations. I have already filled out the preferred vendor form, and look forward to hearing back from you. While parking is often an afterthought, I am glad that your group is already making plans to accommodate your guests with valet services - It is after-all, the guest's first and last interaction with the property. Hopefully we can work together in the future. Again, truly beautiful designs.
    • JJ Gutowski
      Thank you very much for your comments! My name is JJ Gutowski, the Marketing Manager for the Truax Family of Companies. We will be reaching out to you very soon and look forward to reviewing the information that you have provided.
  6. We would love to help in anyway.
  7. Dad, I couldn't be more proud of you and I can't wait to see another one of your dreams become a reality! James
  8. I am so excited for the opportunity to provide valet parking solutions for your new facility. Although I know it will be complete in a few years, I would like to share with you that I have the same passion as the Truax Group when it comes to developing Temecula into a world-class City. My goal is to mirror the culture of the business I am staffing at, and the Truax Group and TVV share a similar vision. I would love to be your preferred parking vendor/partner for this venture. We are locally owned and operated, not a large corporation where you’re another statistic. Our Motto: “We are in the hospitality business...and we happen to park cars!” Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to a future where TVV will start your guests’ stay with a world-class arrival!
  9. I recently visited my hometown, Temecula, and had no idea this hotel was going to be built until chatting with a local on the street across from the lot. Very exciting news! I spent the first 6 or so years of my hospitality career in Temecula...prior to making the move to work for Hilton Worldwide here in San Diego/La Jolla. This development will be a game changer for Temecula - not a vineyard hotel and not a big box - simply chic, with the quintessential ambiance provided by the heart of the city, Old Town. Looking forward to stepping foot through the doors post development. Cheers Traux!
  10. Would love to be part of this adventure. Currently employed at another 4 star. So exciting cant wait

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