Temecula Marketplace

The Temecula Marketplace, is a part of the Truax Legacy. Upon completion, its two – three story buildings with a daylight basement will be in the heart of Old Town.

Temecula Marketplace shall fill in the two vacant lots that face directly in front of Temecula City Hall. Its impact will further a vision we share with our neighbors, one where Old Town develops into a vibrant pedestrian-friendly, walkable downtown destination in the heart of Temecula’s historic district. Temecula Marketplace will fill a missing link that establishes Main Street as the important heart of Old Town and provides families and tourists an exciting place to visit.

Temecula Marketplace shall be a mixture of retail and service/commercial space. Our project encourages a diversity of tenants and represents a wide array of retailers and merchants that call Temecula Valley home. We envision the daylight basement for Temecula Valley wineries in offering a collective tasting facility.

The architectural designs include vintage  architectural styles and utilize “period-correct” building materials and color schemes. It pays tribute to the late Spanish influence with an open aire feel. Marketplace creates charm and character of an old town market, while having the heart and soul of a vibrant community.

Marketplace Brochure





  • Two – Three Story Buildings
  • +- 100,000 sq. Ft
  • Open air marketplace feel
  • Office / Retail
  • Daylight Basement Areas
  • In the heart of Old Town Temecula

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  1. Do you have a date for ground breaking yet?

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